Saturday, February 14, 2009

A guilty secret.

I have to admit that when I first heard about Jade Goody's cancer scare, I was a little sceptical. "Not another publicity stunt!" Give it a few months and she will be telling her 'dice with death' story to one of the tabloids for a few hundred thousand pounds.

Unfortunately I was completely wrong! As we hear that she is to marry her boyfriend Jack Tweed, who proposed to her on the eve of Valentine's day, the devastating reality emerges that she has months to live.

Her spokesman Max Clifford says that she was informed yesterday that she was terminally ill. There is no road back, the question is now when and not if. Love or hate her, there is no way she deserves this. I cannot imagine anything more devastating, to have two young children and know for certain you would never see their next birthday, see them grow up, and have children of their own. It must be like having a bad dream, waking up, and realising with a shiver that it has been nothing but a nightmare.

Bobby, five and Freddie, four are both very young. Although it sounds heartless, they will get over it. My sympathy goes out to Jade, we all imagine what death must be like, but push it to the back of our subconscious. But to know you are so close to the abyss, yet so young and with so much to live for. To never, never set foot on this wonderful earth again.

When we look around us and see such terrible things, why is it there are so many people, who have so much to be thankful for, turn to violence and destruction.

When I see children with Cerebral Palsy who have done nothing to deserve the 'hand that life has dealt them', smile and demonstrate so much love and strength. What have most of us got to complain about?


Middle Ditch said...

Big shock David. I didn't know. I'm not a fan but I do admire her. She was made a fool of in BBH but she made the most of it and had a shrewd brain for business. I'm really sorry to read this.

David John Caswell said...

Dear Middle Ditch
Thanks for stopping by, and I am glad you agree. There are still so many people saying cruel things about her. You have to admire her guts and determination, despite the pain she must be in.

Kelli said...

Wow how terrible to be told that you only have months to live. My heart goes out to her and her loved ones.

Thanks for stopping by my page! My birthday is in one month, but I always celebrate the entire month of March. :) As far as the awards go, I won't see them because I don't currently have television...crazy I know! I also think Kate is a good actress. I have seen her in a couple of movies. The one that stands out to me is Sense and Sensibility.

Have a lovely weekend, David!