Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Meaning Of Religion.

I happened to turn on the radio the other day and listen in on an interesting conversation about atheism. Despite falling Church attendance and the proliferation of atheism, it is an interesting fact that when faced with a adversity, especially in relation to life threatening situations, the vast majority of people, whether religious or not, will turn to God, often in the form of prayer. A point was made that this is the case, as deep within all of us we have an affinity to God our maker, even if we are not consciously aware of it.

I believe the real reason for this statistic is that we all have a deep seated fear of the unknown, and when faced with death it is only natural that we cling to any thought that may comfort us through that difficult situation.

I believe that everyone has a right to believe in what they want, as long as it does not adversely affect anyone else. Unfortunately this is not the case in many situations throughout the world.

"A missionary is a member of a religion who works to convert those who do not share the missionary's faith."

Of course everyone is free to believe in what they want, but surely it cannot be right to take the moral high ground and impose those views on others?

If some time in the future life was discovered on another planet, where half lived in luxury and wealth, while the other half was poor and starving, what would we think?

But is that not the situation in our world? Where world aid is left to charities, funded by selfish indulgent 'pastimes' of the wealthy.


much2ponder said...

Very interesting post...hope I am not stepping on your toes, but I feel that the reason missionaries do what they do is because their "religion" instructs them to do so.

To impose would suggest something is unwanted. Since it is my understanding that the believer or Christian believes the Lord is the one who truly does the work in a person's heart that draws them to himself.

This I believe would take us back to the first point you are making concerning all of mankind and seeking God in times of hardship etc. Thanks for making me think. I like that.

David John Caswell said...

Dear much2ponder,
No you are not stepping on my toes at all. I find your views very interesting. Thanks for taking the time, speak to you soon.

Kelli said...

Hi David! Thank you for stopping by my blog and sending your well wishes. I hope you have a blessed 2009!

Your post about religion reminded me of the groups of volunteers who visited my area after Hurricane Katrina. There were Baptists, Amish, Mormon, Mennonites...all here helping to rebuild homes. Everyone got along and nobody preached at anyone else...they were simply here to serve. It was very refreshing to see.

school for the girls said...

Hi David,
it is very true.
I agree with you everyone wehter good or bad in one time or the other he/she usually turns to God.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog

David John Caswell said...

Dear Kelli,
Thanks for your kind words. Sorry you are still not feeling well, but I do like all your 'Animal Funnies'! My wife has just got a new kitten, so I can identify with the 'funny pussy poses'.
Love David.

David John Caswell said...

Dear Rebecca,
Thanks for visiting & it is great to see you again. How has 2009 started for you. How are things progressing with your important work?