Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ramona Marquez is Outnumbered?

Not a chance! Romona plays five year old Karen in this brilliant comedy, currently in the middle of it's second series on BBC1. It is written by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, joint winners of the Royal Television Society's Lifetime Achievement Award and creators of 'Drop The Dead Donkey'.

Romona was described as having an interesting personality, very sure of herself, but without being precocious. Having just watched the first episode in the second series by complete accident, I can honestly say I am hooked. This little girl is so talented and engaging, I am sure she has a very promising career ahead of her.

Her contribution to the series is outstanding, and the programme would be a mere shadow without her. The first episode of the second series was shown on the 15th November 2008 , where Cousin Julie is getting married. "Executive bridesmaid" Karen asks her a whole host of troubling questions about her previous boyfriends, that have the poor bride distraught before she walks down the aisle! Her words are delivered with such sincerity, expression and seriousness for someone of such a young age.

While having her hair brushed before bed at the end of the first episode, she questions her long suffering mother about the reality of prison.

"Is it like a giant naughty step, but with walls and dogs?"

Five year old Romona Marquez is in her first acting role, and was actually spotted by Guy Jenkin's wife at a birthday party! What a lucky find, she has certainly given me a lot of enjoyment already.


school for the girls said...

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Thanks for your beautiful blog and article. I am happy to know one of you interest is disability because it interests me alot due to my physical challenge.
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Middle Ditch said...

What a lovely girl David. I have read about her and, if she is not going to be spoiled by that celeb status, she should do well in her career.

Middle Ditch said...

Oh I do love that Christmas tree.

David, I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year.

Out Christmas special is now online.

David John Caswell said...

Dear Rebecca,
Thanks very much for visiting my blog, it is great to hear from you. Sorry I have taken a long time to respond but the last few weeks has been rather hectic. No excuse really I know! I will be visiting you again this evening, so II look forward to catching up on your great blog.

David John Caswell said...

Dear Middle Ditch,
Hello my favourite fellow blogger. You put me to shame with your prompt responses, and the efficient way you manage your blogs. I have much to learn! Maybe that should be my New Year's resolution? It is a little late to wish you Happy Christmas, but I really do send all my love and best wishes to you and your family for the coming year. Happiness and prosperity to you all.
Love David.

school for the girls said...

Wow David!!
Welcome back I had missed you articles it is good to see you back.

Thank you too

Anonymous said...

It's a pity you didn't even bother to spell her name correctly. She deserves that much respect, surely.